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Fearless & Boundless Me – Organic Orange Peel & Clove Sugar Scrub


Introducing new to Mortal Temple, the exquisite ‘WickArt Alchemy Range’.

Organic Orange Peel & Clove Sugar Scrub – ‘Fearless & Boundless Me’ 200g

A Lightly Whipped Sugar Scrub that Gently Softens, Exfoliates, and Moisturises the skin. Our Antioxidant Rich Formula promotes Natural, Youthful & Healthy Glowing Skin. A Scrub Sensitive Enough for All Skin Types.
Alchemy Energy Tool- Fearless & Boundless me shares and raises our awareness around the fear based barriers we have unconsciously placed up around self growth, relationships, friendships and family patterns. It allows us to reflect on the pattern and loop we’ve placed up and releases them by setting a new tone of love that’s free from fear.
It additionally acquaints you with Strength & Stability from within. Its unique symbols will allow you to shift and transform any barriers that hold you back from these fundamental elements of oneself. Ongoing use of each symbol will integrate these idealisms of ‘Backbone (Stability) & Oneness (Embodiment with your Environment and Self)’ within your being.
Totem: Cobra Medicine. This creature is associated with change, fire, enchantment, and wisdom. The integrated codes placed in ‘Boundless Me’ unlocks your secrets of truth and guides you into a deeper process of enlightenment, where you’ll discover what you’ve been holding yourself back from.

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Ingredients- Organic Orange Peel, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Coriander Seeds, Organic Helianthus Annus (Sunflower Oil) Organic Sweet Orange E/O, Organic Clove E/O & LOVE.
**Organic Raw Bee’s Pollen

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Weight .220 kg