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My Roots – Goddess Chakra Range


Introducing new to Mortal Temple, the exquisite ‘WickArt Alchemy Range’.

The seventh divine blend in the Goddess Crystal Chakra Range is- MY ROOTS ARE CONNECTED – SHAMANIC MEDICINE, BASE CHAKRA ACTIVATION

‘I am one with Gaia & She is one with Me’
My Roots Are Connected Achor’s us into Gaia’s Frequency to ultimately support our feelings around Safety & Security. In this nurtured space we are then able to observe our lessons without Fight or Flight reactions. It shows us any patterns around control, fear and pain we’ve held onto unconsciously and shows us the adaptions we need to make to live in more balance of being present. Ultimately allowing us to mindfully observe things that restrict us from connecting deeper within. It allows you to work towards Detaching from any lower vibrational attachments, experiences & stories that we hold in relationships / situations / events that block our connectedness and pure consciousness to Self.
MRAC connects us directly to Gaia & her frequency and is a beautiful tool for working with Mother Earth’s Energies.
‘As we work towards balancing our Base Chakra, it connects us to feeling Safe & Secure in our relationships, decisions and immediate environment. Feeling grounded helps to support our daily decisions and feelings around stability.’
Directions: Roll along your Base Chakra or feet daily +inside arm & knee creases.
Sacred Dream Weaving- Draw an Arc along your Third Eye before sleep. Time & practice strengthens this experience.
Dream Weaving is a sacred Shamanic Ritual that allows you to discover how to interpret your dream messages and ultimately create a healing and creative space for deep soul connections and alignment. A place to manifest & explore the known and unknown.
Available in 10ml Crystal Roller and 30ml Perfume Dropper.

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Ingredients- Pure Vanilla Extract, Organic Copaiba, Organic Turmeric, Patchouli, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Manuka, Infused Jasmine & Vervain in Almond Oil & Red Coral Crystals & LOVE.

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10ml Crystal Roller, 30ml Perfume dropper