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Lucid Perceptions – Duality & Mindfulness – Hair Tonic


Introducing new to Mortal Temple, the exquisite ‘WickArt Alchemy Range’.

Lucid perceptions (Know Thyself) GODDESS HATHOR Duality & Mindfulness Hair Tonic.

“Nourish your Weeds, nurture them to grow. Be gentle with yourself & little ones whose weeds are Wildy grown. Reharvest a place where it’s safe for you all to make mistakes, trust, grow and lovingly learn from these lessons as we together cocreate.” – Melissa Wickert

Lucid Perceptions Alchemy supports you by helping you notice unhealthy thoughts / patterns that we can forgive & release to live more mindfully. It assists us in journeying through the processes towards self fulfilment by bringing to Light to the days we feel the density of the world around us and our shades (Shadows) come to surface. Lucid Perceptions allows you to feel more perspective without judgement.
Goddess Hathor allows us to decipher internal programs or thought patterns that do not serve us and shares with us a deeper discernment process with Self, which in turn allows us to make decision based purely from the heart. Hathor grants us access to a Love that integrates both strength and compassion for Self and assists us in determining people / souls that strengthen our light, not dim it.
WickArt’s All Natural Hair Tonic Uplifts the Soul & it Lightens our Emotional Load of the day. It has been formulated to Nourish, Strengthen and Revive damaged hair. The treatment leaves your hair feeling soft + luscious. It can be used to naturally style waves and curls or as a daily treatment to bring your hair back to life.

ALCHEMY Tool: A Sacred Blend that Honours our True Selves, Mindfulness & Our Yin & Yang Balance. It blesses you with Light when facing the shadow parts of ourselves & is our shining light in the dark. It can be used to integrate with your Shadow Self & release the fear around our Shadow. Spray daily around your field. During Meditation &/or Breathwork:
Intermediate Use- Anoint your third eye with loving intentions.
Advanced Use- Spray your two thumbs and interconnect them.

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Ingredients- Chrysanthemum Hydrosol, Organic Green Seed, Organic Rose Water, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Organic Lavender, Organic Clary Sage, Carrot Seed Oil, Macadamia Oil, Infused Green Tea, Argan Oil, Fringed Violet, Glycerine, Neem C02 extracted & Citric Acid (Natural Preservative) & LOVE.

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