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Ishka – Goddess Chakra Range


Introducing new to Mortal Temple, the exquisite ‘WickArt Alchemy Range’.

The second divine blend in the Goddess Crystal Chakra Range is- ISHKA – 333 COSMIC GATEWAY, THIRD EYE ACTIVATION.

ISHKA ‘She who sees and knows the unseen and lives in the unknown’.
ISHKA magically weaves the trio Goddesses Yemaya, Ishtar & Lakshmi.
She teaches us to how to truly free fall as she connects us back to the magical mystical beings we are. Here she paves the path to expanding our consciousness on a daily basis and here in this expanded consciousness she shows us how we can access keys to our galactic fragments and inner knowing’s.
She brings to light all karmic bonds that emotionally block our ability to make clear heart based decisions. She shows us how detachment from these stories, places and beings and guides us towards living in more harmony and peace within.
She shares an inner knowingness that our heart is connected to Gaia’s and here holds the answers to life’s true success and wealth. Here she supports us in unraveling mistruths, cultural belief systems and programs that have mislead our value for financial freedom which allows us to rewrite how we welcome this new wealth into our lives.
Available in either the 10ml Crystal Roller or 30ml Perfume Dropper.

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Ingredients- Lavender, Clary Sage, Lemon, Fragonia, May Chang, Laurel Leaf, Myrhh, Elemi, Ho Wood, Helichrysum, Sacred Frankincense, Davana, Palmrosa, Bergamot Mint, Clove, Boab, MCT Oil , Hibiscus, Labradorite Chips, LOVE.

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Weight .060 kg
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10ml Crystal Roller, 30ml Perfume Dropper