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Magically Recrafted Treasures

Magically Recrafted Treasures

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…become amulets, talismans or keepsakes that once again have purpose.

Do you have a broken treasure that you just can’t part with? Did your loved one leave you jewellery, crystals or bric a brac you would love to bring out of the wardrobe and see “reawakened”. If you have little time or no inclination for recrafting, then let me transform your piece into a bespoke magical item so that it can have an Afterlife and you can display it once again. With a touch of guidance from you, a drop of generosity from spirit, a pinch of mother nature’s inspiration and my own mystic creativity and intuition I shall weave a spell to rekindle the joy your hidden treasure brought you before it became seemingly unusable. With options to work with various mediums that will breathe new life into your mementos you can commission a piece imbued with mystic vibes that will enchant and delight you once more. Let me bring to life the perfect Amulet, Talisman or Magical Keepsake especially personalised for you.

What this involves…
You need to provide your treasure
A little bit of your time… 10-15 minute consultation
Picture of the room or area you wish to display your item in so I can get the vibe of how it’s going to need to look.

If you don’t have a treasure to repurpose but would like a specific item created for your space and you are time poor or perhaps believe you are not ‘crafty’, feel free to share your vision and I will happily try to help bring it to life for you.

Contact Julie on:- 0403 901 566

15 Bentley Road NARARA NSW 2250 Australia

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