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‘Boudica’ – Medieval Drip Candle


‘Boudica’ Medieval Drip Candle

Ingredients: High quality soy and paraffin wax, Apple, Raspberry, Orange and Water Lilly fragrant oils
Weight: 616 grams
Burn Time: 118 hours approx
Size: 140mm high x 80mm wide
Attributes: The colour blue being commonly known to resonate with the minds eye or psychic and spiritual awareness and the gold resonating with truth and purity.

Introducing, NEW and exclusive to Mortal Temple, our divinely magical range of ‘Medieval Drip Candles’. Unlike any other candle available on the market, each and every candle has been lovingly hand crafted, carefully blended, and mindfully poured and cured slowly.
Each candle has been handmade to perfection, containing only the highest quality soy and paraffin wax and fragrant oils, with a higher concentration of oils than ordinary candles, meaning they’re deeply fragrant and last longer.

These exquisite candles have been created by meticulously hand pouring the luxurious medieval drips making each candle special and unique, with no two candles ever being exactly the same. Each candle is quite literally one of a kind! Every candles name and colour has its own vibration, attributes, symbolism and influences.

Candles have been used as a source of light and to illuminate celebrations for more than 5,000 years, with the earliest use of candles often attributed to the Ancient Egyptians.
Candles are believed to connect people with the divine and those who have passed over. They send our message beyond the boundaries of the visible and material world where in a candles light, the material world and the world of the Spirit are met.

Fill your home with the glowing light and calming ambience of these exquisite candles, casting a warm and lovely glow for all to enjoy.
No matter how thick the darkness, the light of one candle conquers it all!

*Please note there may be a slight variation in dimensions and weight with each candle with all effort and care taken to ensure each candles specifications remain as close as possible to being in unison with each other.

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Candle Care:
*We use high grade fragrances along with top quality soy wax which is non-toxic, natural, free of formaldehyde (not organic and not food grade), we include a very small amount of high grade paraffin to stabilise the firmness of the pillar.
*Never allow the melted wax to reach the rim of the candle, always blow the candle out when the melted wax is close to about 1cm distant from the rim of the candle. This helps to avoid from the wax from melting over.
*Prior to lighting the candle always make sure with the wick is perfectly upright and straight to ensure even burn.
* Avoid having contact with the mica powder on the candles as it does easily rub off. If you get some on the hands or skin wash with soap to remove from skin.
* Prior to relighting the candle gently break off the ‘burnt tip’ of the wick, doing so helps avoid any high flame and the wick from smoking.
* Always place the pillar on an adequate sized heat resistant flat dish, placed on a flat and fixed surface which is heat resistant.
* Place on a flat surface away from being bumped or touched.
* Never let the candle burn for longer than 3 to 4 hours or until the melted wax is close to 1cm distant from the outer rim of the candle, this helps with the melt quality of the pillar.
* Keep the candle away from children, pets and groups of people with a lot of movement.
* Keep the candle in a cool room and away from sunlight.
* Never have a candle burning near a draft, window or door.
* Never leave a lit candle unattended.
* Always burn a candle in a well-ventilated area but not in a draft.
* Be careful touching the candle while it’s lit as it may be hot.
* Never touch, bump, move or handle the candle while it is lit or while the wax is still melted.
* Never burn a candle near curtains, fabrics, clutter, plastics, paper, statues, bookshelves or any other flammable materials.

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