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HoneyBee GEMS DownUnder

HoneyBee GEMS DownUnder

HoneyBee Collage
Welcome to HoneyBee GEMS DownUnder.

A family owned and operated business dedicated to ethically sourcing 100% natural raw Australian crystals.

There is so much Ancient beauty and wisdom held within the crystals of the ‘land down-under’. Our resident ‘Gem-Daddy’ has lovingly sourced and un-earthed each crystal by hand while travelling throughout Australia so our crystals are quite literally straight from Mother Earth to your door.

Each piece is truly beautiful and unique in it’s own special way, with it’s own flavour or style of healing. We have a firm belief that crystals choose their owners and we will always be drawn to the crystal needed the most at the time. All of our pieces have been lovingly cleansed and cleared before-hand, ready for you to connect with and set your intentions or requests.

It has been an honour working with each crystal, and hope they bring you as much joy as they have for us.

All the light of love to you x

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